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Born on 30th august 1952 in Heraklion (Greece).
He studied at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Liege (Belgium).
Since 1979 he works and lives in Belgium and on the isle of Paros in Greece.

Working mainly with acrylic paint on different media. For several years he has been working with poets for the design of sealed books, sculptured books and artist books. He creates installations on specific locations and Contemporary Art Fairs and also does mural paintings associated with architecture.

Photo - © J.F.Dreuilhe

Meetings with artists including J.L.Herman, A.Grosemans, N. Joosen, T.Haass, G.Boulay, A.Tapiès, O.Debré, C.Viallat, B.Hai Ja, the poets R. van Gerdinge, M. Kinet, G. Yernaux, I.Eliraz and the art reviewer C.Lorent.

Since 1979: 
More than 80 personal expositions in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland.
Several group expositions in Belgium, Greece, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, China, Scotland, Latvia.

Participation to several forums of Contemporary Art: Stockholm Art Fair; Linèart Art Fair Gent; Classic, Kortrijk; Arco, Madrid; Barcelona International Art Fair; Forum for Contemporary Art Athens; Art Brussels; Saga, Paris; St'Art, Strasbourg; Art Paris.

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